Nothing we do would exist without our passionate and discerning clients. For them, and in close collaboration with our partners and suppliers, we aim to combine growth, profitability, economic sustainability and social, societal and environmental responsibility. Our CSR strategy is fully in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Preserving terroirs means doing so wisely (High Environmental Value, responsible agriculture) in the Charente region’s vineyards, the sugar cane fields in Barbados, the Samos vines and the cereal fields of Islay or the Isère region.
Committing to people means ensuring that our attitude, our behaviour and our conduct reflect our values in concrete terms for all our clients, everywhere in the world. To this end, we support and train our employees over the long term through sustainable management, to encourage their personal development and ensure the durability of our “savoir-faire.”
Respecting our environment is essential for the continuity of our work: reducing water consumption, lowering our carbon emissions and making progress in eco-design, all contribute to the excellence of our “Maisons.”

Preserving our Terroirs, committing to People and respecting the value of Time is what unites us, in a sustainable way, with the world of today and tomorrow.

Marc Hériard Dubreuil, Chairman

Éric Vallat, Chief executive officer

Rémy Cointreau’s CSR ambitions are structured around 10 Sustainable Development Goal’s (SDGs) as defined by the UN.

Preserving our Terroirs to reveal their excellence

Soil, climate, air, biodiversity, production methods: each region is unique, and each of its characteristics contributes to the quality and uniqueness of our liqueurs and spirits. Wherever our “Maisons” are present, they act as responsible and respectful players and innovate to ensure the sustainability of the terroirs from which they draw both character and typicity. To preserve its terroirs, Rémy Cointreau strives to ensure that all of its agricultural and viticultural resources come from responsible and
sustainable agriculture.

  • Encourage responsible farming practices
  • Maintain the uniqueness of the terroirs and biodiversity
  • Innovate to preserve the essence of the terroirs

Committing to People and asserting our uniqueness

The group contributes to collective improvement and shares its commitments with all its stakeholders: it supports the progress of its employees and their development in their work, encourages the responsible practices of its suppliers and local associations in the areas where it operates, and promotes responsible consumption to all.

  • Responsible and committed governance up to the highest level
  • Ensuring well-being at work, gender equality and non-discrimination
  • Committing to responsible purchasing practices
  • Engaging alongside local communities and acting as a responsible player
  • Promoting responsible consumption to our customers

Respecting the value of Time to create exceptional products

To ensure the sustainability of our activities, the men and women of Rémy Cointreau adapt to the climatic conditions and water resources of the territories in which they develop exceptional products. Time, for them, creates a sense of wonder and brings a taste of pride. It requires the highest standards in measuring and reducing the environmental impact of our activities and helps to raise awareness of the importance of transmission.

  • Preserving water resources
  • Taking an active role against global warming in order to comply with the Paris Agreement
  • Acting to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and target carbon neutrality
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